Q. What is the education programme?

Extensive research has confirmed that between the ages of 0 and 5 years children engage in a period of critical learning that has long term impact on their social, emotional, behavioural and learning development. Much critical brain development occurs during this time. At Stepping Stones Child Development Centre, our highly qualified and dedicated staff understand how important these years of early learning are. Stepping Stones is committed to delivering a fantastic programme that your child will love. We have a team of people experienced in the area of child development all of whom are working together to make the best programme to enable to get your child in getting ready for school and life. Stepping Stones offers a stimulating and nurturing educational experience for young children which will encourage a life long love of learning. The programme will be based around play and fun; they will love it!

Q. What does it mean by ‘Christian ethos’?

Stepping Stones Child Development Centre will work with parents to instil Christian values such as kindness, compassion, friendship and respect within the children attending the kindergarten. The programme will also cover the Christian meaning of Easter and Christmas.

Q. What are the fees and how do I pay?

As of 10th July 2023, fees are:

  • Full Day = $130
  • 1/2 Day = $78

Q. How do I obtain my Centrelink Subsidy?

You are required to apply in your Centrelink online account through your myGov and be eligible to receive the subsidy. www.humanservices.gov.au

Q. What do I need to send to Stepping Stones with my child?

Their Stepping Stones bag (complimentary with registration fee), one piece of fruit, a change of clothes, a wide brimmed hat, a healthy packed lunch in a lunch box, a water bottle and enclosed shoes or sandals (all clearly labelled with your child’s name).

Q. When does Stepping Stones close for 2023?

Stepping Stones will close on Friday 15th December 2023. Stepping Stones opens for 2024 on Monday 15th January.

Q. What about meals?

We believe an important aspect of the Stepping Stones programme is to prepare children for school. One element of this is to get children familiar with bringing their lunch and fruit to share, therefore, we expect children to bring their own lunch and a piece of fruit for shared fruit time. For those children attending prior to 8.30am, an early morning healthy snack will be provided, and Stepping Stones will also provide afternoon tea plus a late afternoon snack for children at the Centre after 4pm.